THE BEST THERE IS!!!!!!!!!!!  

This man is a GENIUS!! Extremely patient (even with me!) I have had experience with other music teachers in the past and there is none better than 

Jane G. 

This is the most patient and qualified teacher I could find for my child. He goes above and beyond in teaching! He has brought my boy out of his shell and I am grateful!

Susan Black, Somerdale, NJ 

WHAT A PRO!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I am a mother of an 8 year old girl who expressed interest in learning the piano. I decided to support her, so I signed up for guitar lessons. This man is is way beyond the average teacher! Super patient and EXTREMELY TALENTED!!!! A joy to take lessons from! I would recommend HIGHLY!!!!!!

Elizabeth Lutner, Woodstown, NJ 
Greatest Influence

Jack Peacock has been, without a doubt, the greatest influence on my musical career.

Carly Jones,  Nashville, TN
    At the ripe old age of three, Jack sat in his living room listening to his 7-year old brother work through a song on the family Wurlitzer organ. In the kitchen his mom called out to his older brother announcing that practice time was over and he could stop. 
    Jack's mom returned to her activity in the kitchen. But then she realized that the same song was still being played. She came out to tell Jack's older brother once again that he could stop practicing.
    To her amazement and delight, the musician at the organ was 3-year old Jack!

    A half century later, Jack still produces music - his background instrumentation and vocals - on a keyboard. This time, however, it's a full-featured Korg Triton Studio keyboard (pictured above.)
    Using the Korg, Jack selects a specific drum he wants for a particular song. Then he plays the keys to "play the drum." In like manner he adds additional drum sounds, percussion, bass, and other instrumentation, merging and sequencing as needed. 
    He adds the vocals and once satisfied with the result, transfers the accompaniment to his laptop computer. It usually takes one day to create all the necessary accompaniment for a new song.

    At gigs, Jack selects the background appropriate for the song he will perform and the music mix is fed into his home-designed and home-built speaker system.
Major Influence

When the personal decision is made to make Jack your music instructor, you are…gaining a best friend, role-model, and major influence on music, train of thought, and general life. 

Dave White, Stratford, NJ
Jack Peacock
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