Carly Jones
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Music is an art, and art has no boundaries.  

Many music teachers teach merely what they think you should be learning, without letting the student give any input.  Realistically though, if a student is not interested in what he or she is being taught, he or she will not want to learn!  

Jack is different in this way; he always has the students’ best interest at heart.  Jack Peacock has been, without a doubt, the greatest influence on my musical career.  I have played piano and sung off and on for about fourteen years now, and Jack has motivated me every step of the way. 

I never felt like I got anything out of practicing classical techniques, and as a result, Jack let me practice/perform music that actually motivated me and helped me learn.  Soon enough, I uncovered my own musical style and began writing music and lyrics.  

The first time I ever performed in public was as Jack's guest on one of his gigs!  Five years later, I am booking my own gigs in Music City, USA - Nashville, TN!  

I truly do give all credit to Jack for furthering my music career--piano and vocal, and I definitely recommend him to anyone wishing to further his or her musical abilities  as well.  

Carly Jones
Nashville, TN

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