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Dave occasionally fills in for the band, Ocean Hour.

You can visit Ocean Hour on MySpace.
When the decision is made to make Jack your music instructor, you are not gaining the stereotypical close-minded and impatient teacher. You are truly gaining a best friend, role-model, and major influence on music, train of thought, and general life.  

As an individual, I can claim this for Jack is beyond doubt my best friend, exclusive role-model, enlightenment, and most of all, my father figure. Jack has made me who I am today, and will continue for the remainder of our friendship. 

When going to my weekly lesson, it is the equivalent to redemption. His teachings progress you to becoming the musician you dream to be and heal you for the thought of knowing you are going to be. Jack is appropriate for all ages, for he has the directions needed for each. Children under the age of twelve can get the patience that is lacked by the many teachers today while feeling enthusiastic and comfortable. 

Teenagers will be taught to focus their minds on their musical goals and achieve them by passing each obstacle and challenge it takes while adults can appreciate the time they are learning their chosen instrument/s and become the musician they dream to be at such a later time in life. I have been through many teachers during my musical career from in and outside of school, and Jack is beyond the best and most experienced instructor out of such a large bunch. 

Jack can simply teach you to become the best musician you possibly can be by molding you into the next band, vocalist, composer, director, etc. that you look up to.

Jack has proven himself to be the number one musical act in South Jersey, but has also proven to be number one in the world because of the many minds and hearts of students he has taught and influenced over the years due to his passion and experience in music direction.

Thank you Jack for your time, humor, and love,

Dave White
Stratford, NJ

You can learn more about Dave at his web page on My Space.