Harry Hicks
Harry's Words
To me, Jack Peacock is a musical mentor, a real natural as a teacher. 

You feel at ease in his presence. You can see that music is his love and life. Unlike a lot of other teachers I've known, who can play a George Benson riff just to show off, Jack will play an original Jack Peacock riff and leave you in awe while he does it again on the keyboard.

Before I met Jack I was a student for three years at a music school. I felt I was being taken advantage of because I was a beginner and they taught me only the first four strings in the first position on the guitar.

I quit the music school and found Jack in the yellow pages. After only two years with him, I know the whole guitar neck, the 1st,  5th and 8th positions. Now when I talk to people, especially at work, they say Harry knows the guitar!

Jack Peacock is an inspiration to my musical aspirations.

Thank you, Jack.

Harry Hicks
Clementon, NJ

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With Jack's personality light moments can spontaneously erupt!
At the same time, Jack encourages serious effort to enable students to make meaningful progress.