Dennis Sturdivant
When Dennis was 12, his dad, a church minister and his mom, very active in their place of worship, told him they needed someone to add some musical accompaniment to the choir in church.

So Dennis decided to learn guitar and subsequently found himself deeply immersed in gospel music.

By the time he attended high school, Dennis was a fairly accomplished musician. At that time, some of Dennis' musical influences included the O'Jays, Sly and the Family Stone and Michael Jackson.

He and some friends from the track team would gather in the music room and play. It was there that he met Jack, and their friendship, anchored in music, was born. They've been best friends ever since.

Now that the kids are grown, he and Jack are trying to establish some original music. They bounce inventive ideas off each other and have produced numerous melodies, two of which you can hear on this page.

They're moving toward their dream.

You can contact Dennis at

Original Music
Jack has teamed up with Dennis Sturdivant to create a type of Gospel music. At present two songs have been copyrighted and available for your listening pleasure on this site.

When the entire CD is ready we'll be sure to announce it.
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